Unhide All Worksheets in a Workbook

If you want to unhide all Worksheets in a Workbook at once, this simple macro makes easy work for you. VBA Code […]

Delete All Worksheets Except Active One

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Add and Name a New Worksheet with Specific Name

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Nightingale Rose Diagram Excel Template

Nightingale Rose Diagram Excel Template

Nightingale Rose Diagram is the most famous statistical diagram. It's a form of the Pie Chart now known as the Polar Area […]

Excel VBA: Change Calculation Mode To Manual

Sub WorkbookCalculationManual() With Application 'Workbook calculation settings .Calculation = xlCalculationManual 'Change calculation mode to manual '.CalculateBeforeSave = True 'Recalculate workbook before saving, […]

Create a Backup of a Workbook with Current Date

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Prevent the Workbook Closing If a Cell is Empty

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Print All Workbooks in a Folder

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