How to Quickly Extract Pictures From An Excel File

If you want to quickly extract pictures from an Excel file that embedded many pictures, you cannot be simply to do this. There's no build-in function to do this in Excel. Here are two simple ways to quickly extract pictures from an Excel file.

How to Quickly Extract Pictures From An Excel File

1. Open your Excel file, click File tab, choose Save As, in the Save As window, click the drop-down menu labeled Save as type:, scroll down and choose Web Page (*.htm;*.html), Click Save.

Save as Web Page File

When a web page is saved in a computer two files are actually generated. One is the html file, and another is a folder that contains all the images and other component files that are a part of the web page. For example, an Excel file named Products.xls saved as a web page will generate Products.htm and a folder labeled Products_files. If Products.xls contained images, these images will now be in the Products.xls_files folder. Now, open Products.xls_files folder, you will sell all the pictures.

All images in Web Page File
2. Change the Excel file extension (only available with .xlsx) as a RAR file, For example, change Products.xlsx to Products.rar, extract the Products.rar file, you will see 3 folders (_rels, docProps and xl) and 1 xml file ([Content_Types].xml), open xl folder, open media folder, you will sell all the images in the media folder.

All images in media folder


  1. Naama t says

    Very nice. Is there any way to save the images with the names defined in the worksheet? I.e “iPhone 5s”?

  2. Michael Nolsøe Madsen says

    This is a bad solution as the images are extracted using the resolution of the cell and not the source image.

    • Keshav says

      Hi Michael.. then what you do, is first change the size of all pictures quickly. press F5 and choose to select all objects. then in the picture tools all the way on the right choose a size for the width, let’s say 5″ and then follow the procedure above, which btw is an excelent solution!

  3. dave says

    I tried this solution but for some reason it saves each image twice. Any Idea why that might be?

  4. jignesh patel says

    Yes , We got our jpg file, but We need to save that JPG file to particular field. In this example Column A is model name, so jpg file will save that name.

  5. Nick W says

    This is excellent – what a great tip, so simple. I can’t believe how much time and faffing about this saves me.

    Thank you!

  6. Corrado says

    great solution but can anyone advise how to save the pic with the name in the corresponding excel row?

  7. Anita says

    I tried this but it’s not extracting the logo in the footer which is the one I need to extract to use in other files.

    Can you please help?


  8. Cheila Dias says

    I just want to save a few charts as images but doing save as web page the image is png instead of jpeg. How can I change it?

  9. Lukman Salim says

    There is a SIMPLER way! just unzip the .xlsx file, there will be a folder structure, all the images will be under “xl/media”

  10. Giovanni Corrado says

    hello, i want to convert that image as link, because i can only import the link of the images…can I do this on excel?

  11. Giovanni Corrado says

    My Excel got 744 rows and in every row there is an image. So I have 744 images!
    When i try your 2nd solution , in MEDIA folder i found 607 images.
    With 1st solution i found 1345 images (cause they were duplicate, but not everyone or i will have 1488. Can you help me please

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