How to Sum Data in Excel

There are many ways to sum data in an Excel spreadsheet. For example, if you want to sum the values in cells A1:A5, how to do it?

How to Sum Data in Excel

1. Select cells A1:A5, and you will see the sum results in the status bar.

Sum Stats Bar

2. Select cells A1:A5, press and hold ALT, then press =, Excel will auto display the sum in cell A6.

3. Select cell A6, press and hold ALT, then press =, Excel will auto select cells A1:A5, and auto insert the formula: =SUM(A1:A5), you can change the reference, and press ENTER to end this.


4. Select cell A6, then enter the formula: =SUM(A1:A5), then press ENTER.

5. Select cell A6, then click Formulas tab, in Function Library group, click AutoSum button.

Excel AutoSum Toolbar

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